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The foundation of our success is built upon the partnerships we have created with our customers through quick response, and by providing appropriate and innovative solutions enabling our clients to serve their customers effectively, and thereby providing returns on their investments.To be up to date on technologies and technical know-how and also to provide best of class services, iAntz IT solutions has various strategic alliances with global IT giants, and consultancy firms.
Partnership Objectives
  • To offer our customers a broad selection of applications most suited to their unique needs and industries
  • To keep learning and thus to serve our customers with latest available developments in the technology
  • Research very unique, niche markets to come up with new product or services
  • Maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers

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Outsourcing Partners
If your company operates in IT or an associated industry, from time to time you may receive requests from customers for software development services in an area which is outside your company's core competence.
Expand your services, enter a new market and make your customers more satisfied. Outsourcing increases your competitive advantages, efficiency of productions and thus, profitability.
iAntz Technology Partners
iAntz searches for best-of-breed product and services companies and partners with them on a variety of levels. Our technology partners provide technical solutions, vertical market solutions and enterprise-class Solutions.
iANTZ Strategic Partners
iANTZ Strategic Partners are global market leaders who make a strategic investment in and commitment to iAntz technology, vision, and go-to-market initiatives.