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If you have passion, Ideas, Creativity and collaborative spirit join iANTZ for a bright and rewarding career.
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vision & mission
Enabling our clients to serve their customers effectively, resulting in speedy and measurable benefits to client organizations, and thereby providing returns on their investments. We achieve this through the following steps:
  • We apply our total expertise and experience to optimize the solution provided to the client
  • Careful recruitment aimed at attracting the right talent to our organization. We look for and appreciate people who 'think different'
  • A well defined and well practiced software development process model
  • Precise and optimum communication, to maximize throughput in the shortest possible time
  • Maintain optimum team strength for each project, thus controlling the cost
  • Gain strong domain knowledge in our customer's market segments before every project
  • Close monitoring of the development process and constant reporting to customer
  • Provide our customers Great Products and Solutions with No Hassles and Superior Results
  • We Listen to and Educate the customer to build value
  • Have a harmonious, enthusiastic environment where employees at all levels are responsive to our customers' needs and react with a sense of urgency
  • We believe we can only win if our clients win. Approach to our work is based on this basic principle.
Empower people and organizations, by innovating and delivering leading-edge cost-effective software solutions and products to streamline and thus optimize their business operations and processes.