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Organize - Socialize - Journalize

Intelligent Social networking Website (iSNW) uses the calendar as a tool to network and allows you to add content to share with your friends.

iSNW allows you to organize your life in a unique way which revolves around the calendar. Use the calendar to add photos or videos on any day you want to, to arrange an event where you can invite friends and to share links with the people that matter.

iSNW allows you to socialize using the calendar too. You can see what your friends are up to using our Newsflash service which keeps you updated in real-time and allows you to view what your friends are doing. iSNW also allows you to interact with your friends by viewing their profile and writing on their very own notice board.

Along with organizing and socializing, iSNW allows you to journalize yourself. Post your journal entries and add to your own personal calendar. This can be enhanced by posting status updates, to let all of your friends know what you are doing at any time.

Features Included :

  • My Calendar ( All your activity history is shown as date wise)
  • Photos
  • Albums
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Journals
  • Notice board
  • My Notifications
  • Memo ( Notes , Reminders & Appointments)
  • Networks ( Public & Private )
  • Shared links
  • My profile
  • Invite Friends from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail , AOL etc & from MS Outlook.
  • Flash News ( real time updates from friends)
  • Friends Stream ( Create Friends list and view real time updates from your friends within the list)
  • Friends list
  • Address book
  • Phone book
  • Who is online ( friends)
  • Block list ( Friends)
  • Messaging
  • View recently joined members from your location
  • My Settings
  • User Registration with CAPTCHA & Email verification
  • Login Management
  • Back Office Administration